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Facial Reflexology

I am now offering 'Dien Cham' Facial Reflexology. The therapy is hugely relaxing, and can be offered as a stand alone treatment or combined with a foot or hand reflexology session. Careful palpation and stimulation of the plentiful supply of nerves and blood vessels within the facial muscles and soft tissue not only re-energises and increases circulation but also has the added bonus of leaving the face looking smoother, more toned and radiant.

Facial reflexology stimulates specific points on the face, along meridian lines and zones. It improves nerve, blood and lymph circulation and is considered a multi reflexology method. Along with the therapeutic benefits of balancing organs, glands and other tissues in the body using the reflex points, it has the added bonus of improving the condition of the skin and softening wrinkles. The results of the reflexology are quick and deep due to the proximity of the face to the brain.

Facial Reflexology originated from a Vietnamese system of Facial acupressure developed in the 1980’s by doctors in Vietnam to replace more invasive facial acupuncture. This style of Facial Reflexology known as 'Dien Cham’ was first introduced to France by Nhuan Le Quang. It is a gentle method of stimulation of 57 Facial acupressure points and associated reflexology zones.

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