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Caroline Sargent is a Clinical Reflexologist based in South Devon

Welcome to natural-balance reflexology. Caroline is a Clinical Reflexologist based in South Devon, and offers reflexology treatments to aid relaxation, health and wellbeing in and around the Newton Abbot area including Teignmouth, Dawlish, Maidencombe, Watcombe, St Marychurch, Babbacombe, Torquay and surrounding villages. Treatments can be offered in your own home and clinic-based sessions are available by appointment in:
- Dawlish - above Poppadums Healthfoods at 39A The Strand, Dawlish, EX7 9PT.
- Torquay - Essential Chiropractic at 147 Lymington Road, Torquay, TQ1 4BE.

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Reflexology is now a very popular therapy and many people have found that it helps support them in living a healthy lifestyle. It is a relaxing and non-invasive treatment, usually to the feet although it can also be done to the hands, face and ears. It is a holistic therapy, meaning that we consider the person as a whole, rather than by their individual symptoms. It is important to note that reflexology cannot cure illnesses and should not be considered in place of medical care. It is a complementary therapy that we have found to be supportive in helping people to manage their illnesses and pain.

The theory is that areas of the feet known as reflexes correspond to other parts of the body. Varying pressure is applied to the feet using fingers and thumbs and the corresponding organs, glands and systems are stimulated. This helps the body to restore balance and so aid the natural healing response of the body. Reflexology promotes good circulation of blood and lymph which helps to nourish cells and rid the body of waste. It stimulates nerve supply and promotes energy and feelings of vitality.

“My first ever experience of reflexology and Caroline put me right at ease. Lovely calming atmosphere and very relaxing session. I felt very refreshed afterwards and well looked after!”

Reflexology is great for stress relief, including those aches and pains that can be brought on by stress, such as stiff shoulders and a tense back. It is a complementary therapy that can assist the body to heal itself; it has a calming effect on the sympathetic nervous system which helps people to relax. We are now recognizing the negative impact that stress can have on us, both mentally and physically. Stressors can include life changes such as a job change, house move or relationship breakdown. We often feel stressed when we don't feel in control of situations and feel we have to much to cope with. It is important that we allow ourselves enough time to relax away from the pressures of everyday life and this is where reflexology can help. There is plenty of good information on the internet about stress management these days and here is a link to The Mental Health Foundation.

Reflexology promotes restful sleep, releases tension, improves mood and energy levels. It helps to balance hormones and people find it supports them through times of upheaval such as pre-menstrual tension and menopause. Many people find that it supports them to manage their chronic health conditions, including coping with chronic pain and chronic fatigue. Reflexology cannot cure these conditions, but people find that it helps them to cope better with their symptoms.

"Had been going to Caroline for over a year after a friend recommended her reflexology. The service and comfort provided excellent help with my anxiety"

Caroline has a particular interest in helping people who have chronic health issues such as thyroid imbalance, fibromyalgia, CFS, ME and rheumatoid arthritis. She can offer home visits in the Newton Abbot area of South Devon; Teignmouth, Dawlish, Maidencombe, Watcombe, St Marychurch, Babbacombe, Torquay .

Reflexology is a lovely relaxing experience, that leaves the feet feeling tingly and full of life. Sometimes tender areas may be found and it is beneficial for these to be worked on, as they can indicate an imbalance in the corresponding area of the body. Any tenderness experienced will have gone by the end of the treatment.

"I have been seeing Caroline for a year now after receiving a voucher last Christmas from a friend. I cannot recommend her enough. My monthly visits to her are invaluable to my physical and mental health."

If you are interested in a treatment for yourself, a gift voucher for a loved one or to include reflexology as part of your employee wellbeing program, contact Clinical Reflexologist, Caroline Sargent on 07908 339985 for a chat or email [email protected]

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